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Intelligent Machine Equipment


Based on reliable machine design capabilities, GIT provides value-added services such as AI defect inspection (AOI), interconnected information management (IoT), and virtual reality remote support required for smart manufacturing to help customers remain competitive in the trend of smart manufacturing.

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robot application


Robot Application

We provide the solution for customers‘ needs to automate the production lines and improve productivity. With our flexible and efficient workflow, GIT is also awarded the best partner of Denso Wave.

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rf testing

RF Testing

RF Testing

Based on NI (National Instruments) instrument, GIT keeps developing high efficient RF test system and became the alliance partner of NI (National Instruments) in 2014, has been awarded the best partner in APAC region in 2015 and 2016. 

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RF testing


GIT places great emphasis on research and development. We are here to share our achievement.

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PCB Testing

GIT imports PCB testing process into robot for replacing human operator. Moreover, as GIT intelligent system making product output stable and efficient, labor costs and misjudgment are reduced.

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Automatic Banding Machine

Automatic banding machine is one of GIT’s whole new design solution. We imported banding process into robot that satisfy for various paper package.

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Automatic Feeding Solution

Automatic feeding solution combined vibrating tray and hardware design, let’s keep component in order automated and directional supplied.

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AoT(Automation of Things)

Hardware are combined with GIT AoT software, in order to make instruction easy and allow an average person to program easily.

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Automatic Packing Solution

Automatic packing solution connects each function site (testing, folding, labeling, packing, moving) together to save the production time.

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Unmanned Store

GIT intelligent solution application combined with Denso 6 Axis robot and linear.

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Automatic Warehouse Solution

Automatic warehouse solution combine AGV and software to assist factory easy to receive and ship goods.

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Multiple Testing

GIT integrates different group of test items in one instrument. Comparing with 1 by 1 test, it’s a breakthrough. Not only saving test time, also money.

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