Automatic Packing Solution

Increasing production capacity efficiently for all industries.
This solution connects each function site (testing, folding, labeling, packing, moving) together to save the production time. Moreover, you can track the status, analyze data in our monitor platform.





Automatic Packing Solution

Automatic packing solution can increase efficiently for all industry.
We took all complexity into automation.

The solution connect each function site like testing, folding, labeling, packing, moving…together. Moreover, you can track and feedback all situation on real time monitoring system.
Not only reducing cost, also achieving the best benefit.




Solution Benefit


Mixed-Model Production
Different products adapt for different packing way.


Real time monitoring system
All day tracking and feedback.


Safety security
Able to detect human by safety light curtain.


Reduce Cost
Reduce the packing labors.


Flexible design for any requirements.


Solution Demo


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