RF PA Validation System

PA Validation System

For RF communication system, PA ( Power Amplifier ) is the key component and almost dominates the RF performance. Therefore the system/design house must know the system-level behavior of PA exactly, especially EVM and ACPR. PA Validation System supports the system-level testing for WiFi 802.11a//b/g/n/ac/ax and LTE. We GIT develop the unified platform SPTS-SEMI that can help users to set up all of test items quickly and save as a single test plan for future recall. Besides, SPTS-SEMI supports DEVM ( Dynamic EVM ) measurement and DPD ( Digital Pre-Distortion ) function. DEVM is used to evaluate how fast PA can output RF signal with low EVM when it’s enabled. With DPD measurement, it can indicate how good EVM and ACPR of PA can be improved so as to meet the system criteria.

Hardware Configuration

The standard configuration is listed as below:

VST : PXIe-5840 / PXIe-5646
SMU : PXIe-4139
AWG : PXIe-5433

Since PA Validation System is PXI architecture, it’s allowed to add different PXI modules for more function or higher productivity. If you need the high-speed digital I/O for MIPI communication or other application, NI PXIe-6570 can meet your requirement. If you need real-time monitor voltage or current, DMM PXIe-4080 or Scope PXI-5114 can be integrated into PA Validation System.

Solution Features

PA Validation System focus on the system-level measurement in three scenarios, including static state, dynamic state and DPD-enabled mode. Based on each scenario, the measurement items are listed as below.

  • Carrier Frequency Offset
  • Center Frequency Leakage
  • Transmitting Power
  • EVM
  • ACPR
  • Constellation Diagram
  • P1dB
  • AM-AM & AM-PM
  • Power Added Efficiency


pa-cfg2   pa-cfg3
PA must be turned on/off quickly so as to work well in ET mode. PA with high PAE can save power significantly.   PA DPD technique can improve non-linear behavior in high-power range significantly.

Demo Video

We create some demonstration video for PA Validation System. The complete validation flow is covered, including PA DC Check, PA measurement and data plotting for analysis. You can watch these video on line directly or download it to your local device as the getting started guide for the training.



朗弗科技 研發部門處長 劉錫濱 Rex 這麼說 …..

“我們朗弗科技真的看見了全球儀器於測試領域方面的專業與服務客戶的熱忱,對於評估期間的儀器試用非常的積極與貼心,提供了以月為單位的評估使用期, 期間並隨時主動關心客戶使用狀況並解決客戶操作不熟練的問題,讓客戶能精準掌握儀器強大功能並為客戶帶來莫大的便利性,讓我們得以對自家的 PA 效能有了更精準的掌握,並即時地提供了 PA 測試資料給我們的客戶,這對我們公司業務的推廣,確實是一個很大的幫助。[閱讀更多]

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