WLAN/LTE Test Solution

PTS - The Accurate,Stable and Efficient WLAN Test Solution.

PTS, known as Production Test Sequencer, is designed for WLAN testing production lines. GIT had grandly promoted PTS by using NI PXIe- 5644R since 2011 to help our customers improving and boosting the test efficiency in production line. Engineers can execute any program through text file and this simple and easy-to-use interface.

PTS User InterfacePTS User Interface

Another great software provided by GIT is RD Mode. This interactive verification tool is able to help engineers measure and analysis their products right away by a simple click. The graphical user interface gives users a quick and simple way to get on hand.

RD Mode InterfaceRD Mode User Interface

Using NI WLAN solution, GIT is able to speed up the testing speed up to 20% than the traditional system and structure. In addition, since our customers do not need to invest redundant hardware, the cost is decreased to at least 15%. Customers also have strong flexibility while doing the MIMO test.

Solution Features

    Support various testing by upgrading toolkits on the same platform.
  • Provide DUT Control
    Support major chipsets including Broadcom, Qualcomm, Realtek, Ralink..
  • Multi-Duts Testing
    GIT provide WLAN auto test integration service. Offering Increase total efficiency and save testing time base on 1 instrument to 4 DUTs.
  • Instrument Rental
    Offering rental business to help save your idle instrument.
  • Support MIMO
    Provide truly MIMO, 80&80MHz, and 160 MHz solution. No need to purchase extra instrument.
  • Economical Choice
    GIT is able to finish multi-tests with the same hardware, providing highly flexibility and saving extra cost.
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